Yummy Yum: Fruit Parfait

Lesson to learn from this post: Sometimes cooking on a whim WORKS. This was my very first parfait and i just created it as i went. It's soooOOoooOoooOOO easy to customize.

Ingredients [what i used]:

(one diced) apple [braeburn]
(one eighth cup) water
(two tablespoons) powdered sugar
(one handful) berries [raspberries]
(one ounce) chocolate chips
(one cup) Greek yogurt [vanilla]
coconut to garnish

Here's How:
1. heat half of the water over medium heat and toss in apples. Let simmer for about 6 minutes or until slightly softened. add half of the powdered sugar and cook for another 2 minutes. pour in a bowl and chill. 
2. repeat with raspberries, but reduce total cooking time to 3 minutes, also chill.
3. melt chocolate chips
4. layer ingredients: yogurt, apples, yogurt, berries, yogurt, apples, berries, chocolate, and garnish with coconut. 

Such a masterpiece and I'm having it for breakfast again tomorrow. :)

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