healing through pomegranate-stained fingers.

I've been sick for about three days now and the best way for me to cope is to load up on antioxidants. Load up on antioxidants and paint. 
Last night I bust open a pomegranate and ate half. When I went back for seconds,

I was struck
with the beauty of the detail in this fruit with the compartments and individual little treats in them. How does He do it?!

I grabbed a canvas and pressed the face of other half of the bright fruit  and healed.

view with your ears.

See that photo up there? Not the one of me, but the bird. Moments like that happen to me all the time. 
Let me explain: 
I was standing with my boyfriend Drew at his school taking pictures of a fall-ishy tree, and at the moment I believed was the purpose of me venturing out there. It was a pretty tree, golden, being hit by the sun, yada yada (see photo 1)..
Then I heard a crow.
I whipped my head toward the sound and shot a photo right at it, i.e. Photo 2. 
You see, sometimes as beginning photographers we look for the majestic (sometimes cliche) photo opportunities when there are small moments waiting to be documented. Keep not only your eyes open, but your ears and creative mind as well.