drew & me: urban photoshoot.

since drew had a whopping five weeks off of school, we decided to drive and drive and drive until we found a sweet spot to take photos with my new vivitar 250. we found ourselves to be landed in vancouver, washington and spotted a block with a very interesting parking lot and a (kind of creepy) motel. here are some of the digitals (i have yet to develop the film) of our adventure.

stay tuned for the film prints. :)

sister art!

My sister has always been a fantastic artist for her age and i just recently discovered her skills. She can look at something and make an exact replica! I don't get it! "Look, Tiffy!" and she'd hand me some great masterpiece. The most recent is a drawing of her hand. I water colored it when she was finished, and voila!

Isn't is awesome? I love having a sister.


Alrighty guys, i was a little reluctant to do this, but i got a formspring account for this blog! It's actually kind of exciting. So if you have any questions or solutions or anything you want to discuss, just go here and I will answer! I'd love to hear from anyone reading and if you've got some crafty ideas for something you'd like me to talk about, that would be awesome too! Anywhoo, thanks for reading and possibly asking!

p.s. in case you missed the link, it's

good to be back.

well, everyone! I'm back from my two month cruise to the Bahamas..i WISH. i wish i had some crazy story as to why i haven't been posting, but frankly, i just have been lazy.
Good news is i'm back on..
Here are some things that happened on my little "vacation."

proceed with caution: it's been a long time, and you may get dizzy from the extensive barrage of photos.

Peacock Lane..

 my mom, sister, and i went to solid rock's gloria christmas eve service. It was at the arlene schnitzer concert hall (all i could find was the wikipedia page, haha sorry!) and it was GORGEOUS. Not to mention the service was one of the most beautiful i have ever gone to.

me and drew's second christmas as a couple! I seriously raked it IN. And he liked his gifts too, so that's great. I love couple holidays!

 my sister alyssa turned 17. gettin' old.

drew had FIVE WEEKS off for winter break so we definitely took advantage by going on multiple dates to coffee and mexican food and we saw the new sherlock holmes (highly recommend it!) movie.

isn't he the absolute cutest?

i got my streak re-bleached (you can see it better in the last photo). Alyssa says it makes me look like a reese's. Haha.

Overall, it was a wonderful holiday and beginning of a new year. BRING ON THE 2k12! It's going to be a great one. I've got some more news, but I'll save it for another post. :)
That's all for now!