valentine's day 2♥12

The following describes my valentine's day this year:

flowers, a sweet text message, leopard-print nails, trader joe's dark chocolate, conversation through conversation hearts, parted hair, sweet music, a black heart-covered skirt, fairly cold weather, adorably themed nicknames, cajun dinner under the Morrison Bridge at Le Bistro Montage (Not to mention we did the Lady and the Tramp noodle thing. Yeah, we shared a table with strangers too. GREATEST THING EVER), soothing mint tea, great composers, and delicious raspberry fool at Rimsky-Korsakoffee House, lots of smiling, gazing etc, PLUS actual heart-to-actual heart conversation allllll with my amazing boyfriend. 

Seriously he's the best. He cracks me up, makes me melt..you know, all of those cooking terms. Basically, he's the unfathomable dream of back in the day 12-year-old-also-present-day-I'm-going-to-make-a-list-of-traits-I-want-in-a-man-Tiffany. I love you, Drew! You're my dream Valentine.


Random tidbit--My sissy works with me now!!! So much fun. Lookitchu with yer bad self.