is it meant to be?

The other day, Alyssa and I walked around Happy Valley when she stopped me in my tracks to say, "TIFF, YOU MATCH THAT CAR." I like to think me and this cute little thing were meant to be together. Thatisall.

like codes, enchanting codes.

Who can remember the moments right after becoming a Christ-follower or refreshing your relationship with God? Well lately I've been thinking about getting back to this, this absolute bliss of being controlled by the Creator God and renewing my mind and heart to child-like faith all over again. Reading chapter 6 of Blue Like Jazz really did it for me too. Here's a gorgeously written excerpt:

The truths of the Bible were magic, like messages from heaven, like codes, enchanting codes that offered power over life, a sort of power that turned sorrow into joy, hardship to challenge, and trial into opportunity. Nothing in my life was mundane. After I became a Christian, every aspect of human interaction had a fascinating appeal, and the intricate complexity of the natural landscape was remarkable in its perfection: the colors in the sky melding with the horizon, those south Texas sunsets burning distant clouds like flares, like fireworks, like angel wings starting flight. 
God was no longer a slot machine but something of a Spirit that had the power to move men's souls. I seemed to have been provided the answers to questions I had yet to ask, questions that God sensed or had even instilled in the lower reaches of my soul. The experience of becoming a Christian was delightful. 
(Miller, pp. 59-60)

God, give me your artistic mind and breathtakingly powerful love to help me encourage others to crawl back into your arms again.


Everyone loves plugs.

Hey guys! Like every other girl out there, I indeed have a Pinterest account! I love it because when I find an amazing outfit or sweet recipe or something it's all RIGHT THERE in one spot, no thousand+ tabs needed.

To see my interests go

Thanks a bunch, and happy pinning!

P.S. (I do these a lot): If you don't have a Pinterest and would like to join the fun, feel free to let me know and I can invite cha. :)