Thing 1 & Thing 2.


Thing 1. The Clean Eating Challenge lasted me a good 3 days. Not because I gave in though, so that's good! Day one was good, day two i noticed myself getting a bit weaker and by day three, i realized i wasn't as prepared as i thought i was. It may be because
A) I discovered this challenge three days before the start date,
B) I didn't put enough effort into buying the right groceries, or
C) I like sweets.

 This isn't the end, Clean-Eating Challenge! You may have won this battle, but sleep with one eye open.

Here is a little recap of my adventure, however.

Me with my blender buddy..

Pesto Whole Grain Linguine/ Spicy Chili Veggie Stir-fry via Noodles & Company.

Thing 2. I did come up with some fun ideas for meals though, so I'll be posting em. I guess that's a great thing to take from this experience!

I <3 cooking.

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