wiggly mug, 65 inch moose, and a university.

I spent last weekend hanging out with a super cool girl from my church, Shauna. She grabbed her company's Costco card and we had a blast perusing the isles for office supplies and snackage...and found a 65" moose! IT WAS SO CUDDLY OHMYGOSH.
Later that day, we tripped it over to Multnomah University and engaged in awesome activities and spent the night talking with our hostesses about our life stories and God. Let me tell you something about Bible college: you will always find inspiring people with uplifting (and challenging) stories. I love it. And I canNOT wait. 

Yep, you heard me. 

Here is my letter of acceptance:

I am stoked out of my mind to grow and learn about the One responsible for this gorgeous earth. YESSSSSS.

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