i desperately need your opinion.

Migranes have never really been part of my life, until the beginning of the month or so. Occasionally my focus fades in and out and my head fills with pressure. I know you may think I'm some sorta dummy, but about two or three years ago, i got an eye exam and the optometrist clearly said I ought to wear glasses. So I did..for about a month. Now I'm facing the consequences and I'm on the hunt for some glasses that "fit me." I NEED your opinion as to which ones look best. I found a couple of adorable shops with not-too-high of prices and cute styles, and here are some photos from my "home try-on" sesh. Please excuse the askew zooming and rotating of the product. Haha, kind of cracks me up.


Bowery Perfect Amber

Bowery Blonde

Bowery True Tortoise

Castor True Tortoise

Clarice Matte Tokyo Tortoise

Delancey Matte Tokyo Tortoise

Greenwich Dark Khaki

Jermyn Perfect Amber

Jermyn Brown Sugar

Lafayette Tortoise & Blonde

This one was kind of a joke. Hahaha.

Magoo Blonde Tortoise

Quincy True Tortoise

This is a very serious situation here. Would YOU want me to walk around in Magoos?


  1. Lafayette! lafayette! :)
    But you can't go wrong because you really look great in all of them.
    Second vote is for Jermyn Perfect Amber
    Third is for Quincy True Tortoise

  2. Thanks "Anonymous!" ;)
    Way to start things off!

  3. Maybe this is too late but: Jermyn Perfect Amber, for sure. The hard horizontal line of the Lafayette doesn't work as well, in my opinion. The Jermyn is definitely the best shape for your face (then maybe Bowery and Clarice) and darker colors look best with your skin tone. :)

    Now how did I get here? Haha.


    1. Definitely not too late! But Nandi, you don't like Magoo (kidding, haha)? I really like the darker ones, but I'm curious to try on the lighter ones in real life just because. We shall see!

    2. You know what Tiffany, you're right, Magoo all the way!

      Rock that shit. ;)


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