I figured Leap Day was a significant (and insignificant) enough holiday to tell you all a little about who I am. Would you like to know? Yeah? No? Here we go.

My name is Tiffany Rochelle Cates.
I love Twitter.
I live in the Great Northwest (Oregon, to be exact) and love it all. The rain, the cloudy days, the gorgeous trees, and the culture. I find it beautiful.
I LOVE ART. Things like this and things like this.
In fact..Here is some of my old photography/watercolor
Fashion is a SO much fun. Just putting patterns, colors, textures together. Gosh, one day when I get my own sewing machine, you all better watch out. The fabric will be flying. :)
Jesus is my absolute reason for living. I live and breathe to feel His presence and wish to be more like Him every single day. 
One of my very favorite verses is 
1 Thessalonians 5:19. Quench not the Spirit. Meaning: never have enough. Don't EVER catch yourself saying, "Yeah, I'm a good enough person already. I don't really need to learn more." You can ALWAYS learn more. You an ALWAYS improve and grow deeper in love with God. That's one of my favorite things about being a Christian.
I've got a boyfriend. Drew Fajen. Since April 12th, 2010. He's the most amazing man in the entire world! He makes me feel like a treasure, and I love making him feel the same. He writes music, loves God, appreciates art, and teaches me about myself. For real, he's the perfect guy. I love him.
I have way too many favorite bands to count. I love music (but I'm kinda choosey. It has to be good stuff.) 
I love coffee and tea (again, just the good stuff).

I'll feature some of my favorite things in another post! :)
Weyull, this post is getting quite long, so I'll end it there. Actually here.

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